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About Us

Hello, I am Mimi and I am so glad that you decided to visit my page. I am a full time Nurse, Wife, Mother and Mimi! I have always enjoyed making crafts and now I get a chance to show the world.

I started out just making items for gifts in my spare time. Started out with a printer and paintbrush. Then I started using a Cricut for more personal designs and boy did that take off! Now I have moved to making custom orders for friends and family "in my spare time" lol.

Someone can only be told so many times "you have got to starting selling your products" before it finally starts to sink in! So here I am, bringing Mimi Did It online to the world! I have scaled my business up ten fold! I now offer custom print on demand items, embroidery and even beauty products such as lotions, essential oil sprays, bath bomb and salts.

Thank you for visiting my page and I look forward to sending my products to your home and cant wait to hear from all of you and how you like your items! Please leave me a comment and possibly a picture of you and your product so others can see another happy customer. Thank you all for your support and God bless you!